kentico webfarm with webfarm sync is not working

harshal bundelkhandi asked on December 23, 2019 17:09

Hi Support, After the webfarm debug i am getting below. Can you please let me know for the same.Our webfarm are not working. websync with content changes are not happening.also i have posted the same question on below url

INVALIDATEOBJECT cms.objectsettings 4234 CMSObjectManager.RaisePostBackEvent CMSObjectManager.CheckInAndSaveObject ObjectVersionManager.CheckIn ObjectSettingsInfo.SetObject AbstractInfoProvider`3.SetInfo BaseInfo.Invalidate ObjectTypeInfo.ObjectInvalidated WebFarmService.CreateTask WebFarmTaskCreator.CreateTask <>c__DisplayClass3.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on December 27, 2019 10:37

Please, continue in the original thread. Do not start new discussions - this just causes confusion and delays.

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