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Pzill4 Pzill4 asked on January 28, 2015 15:37

I converted my Kentico VS solution to a web app. All works OK on my local dev, except when I try using the Publish feature of VS2013 (compiled in Release mode) I get a few errors on various different pages in Administration.

For instance, the below error happens when I try looking at my "Sites" via Admin.

Any ideas? Is the assembly:RegisterCustomClass even firing? I have no way to tell.

Message: [ClassHelper.GetClass]: Custom class 'SiteListControlExtender' was not found. Please make sure you register it properly using RegisterCustomClass attribute, or that you provide it through OnGetCustomClass event.

Exception type: CMS.Base.ClassNotLoadedException Stack Trace: at CMS.Base.ClassHelper.GetCustomClass(String assemblyName, String className, Object& obj) at CMS.Base.ClassHelper.GetClassInternal(String assemblyName, String className) at CMS.ExtendedControls.ControlsHelper.LoadExtender(String assemblyName, String className, Control control) at CMS.PortalControls.CMSAbstractWebPart.OnInit(EventArgs e)

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 28, 2015 21:43

Double check to see that all your referenced DLL's are in the bin directory of your site. I compare with a fresh copy or with the LIB directory.

Also check your web.config to ensure no nodes are missing. Easiest to compare with a new instance of a website.

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