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Vuthy Sok asked on October 21, 2016 08:52

Dear All,

I want to create custom search filter with custom table. I have google but i can't find Kentico can search multi fields. It possible in Kentico have multi fields search options.

Here my fields

Search by Name: Textbox
Search by Keyword: Textbox
Search by Subject: Dropbox
Button Search

Do you have any idea to do it?


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Roman Hutnyk answered on October 21, 2016 09:31 (last edited on October 21, 2016 09:33)

Custom search fitler is a right way to go.

Smart search searches all field configured as searchable the object (custom table in your case), so it will cover Keyword search. Than you can use filters to narrow down the results by particular field(s).

So you need to:

Hope this helps

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