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Lindsay Remington asked on July 9, 2019 18:04

I am a new Kentico user. My company is currently using Kentico 9 and is upgrading to Kentico 11 later this year.

In the interim, I am looking for information that can help me understand our current site and customers a little bit better.

  • Is search reporting available so that I can see what our customers are searching for when they get to our site?
  • Is it possible to create search synonyms so that when a customer searches for a term, another relevant item also returns in their search?

Thank you!

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Mike Wills answered on July 9, 2019 19:17

Hi Lindsay,

You can use the "On-site search keywords" report in the reporting module to see what your customers are searching for.

There's also an option use the "Any word or synonyms" search mode. This will cause search to automatically use synonyms of the search phrases. This might have a broader effect than desired, because every word is expanded into its synonyms as defined by the WordNet lexical database.

If you want more control, it may be easier to add additional tags or keywords to the content that is being searched.


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