Kentico MVC e-commerce notification not sending

Dominic Boyer asked on July 7, 2020 14:41

Hi i have a Kentico 12 MVC e-com project, everything work well. The only problem that i have is the notification. If the admin/cms is not open in a browser, the notification doesnt send. as soon i open the admin and make a transaction or send a form via the website all the notifications send. I try the enable email queue on or off... nothing. i read somewhere that the admin/cms go to sleep mode after 20 min of inactivity ... can somebody help me with that please. thank you

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Dmitry Bastron answered on July 7, 2020 16:00

Hi Dominic,

This is expected behaviour as you mentioned that your cms/admin sleeps in 20 minutes of inactivity. You need to configure your IIS application pool (or Web App in Azure) to be always on. This will solve your problem. Also, have a look at this documentation article regarding the scheduled tasks set up as it relates to your problem as well.

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Dominic Boyer answered on July 7, 2020 16:02

Thank you Dmitry :)

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