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Rajat Khandelwal asked on August 1, 2018 13:59

Instance Version :- Kentico 11

Required Scenario:- I want to use Kentico Integration Bus to synchronize the contact details(stored in the form of messages) from Amazon SQS queue to OM_Contact table in Kentico database and I want to process the incoming tasks regularly by a scheduled task.

Problem :- The main problem is that in my case there is no external application, every thing I use to manage through the classes in one Kentico Instance, so where do I need to call the ProcessExternalTask method?

IntegrationHelper.ProcessExternalTask("CustomConnector", externalObject, IntegrationProcessTypeEnum.Default, TaskTypeEnum.CreateObject, TaskDataTypeEnum.Simple, "SiteCodeName");

Correct Answer

Brenden Kehren answered on August 1, 2018 15:59

If you want to schedule these tasks to be brought into Kentico your best bet would be to create a custom Scheduled Task to do so.

Using the Integration Bus to process incoming tasks is simply a listner to an external service. Your external service would be the one which would need to be setup to trigger an event for the Kentico Integration Bus to perform work.

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Rajat Khandelwal answered on August 9, 2018 07:08

Thanks @Brenden, I have switched to the Custom Scheduled Task for this.

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