Kentico Content Personalization Variant not working

glenn gardner asked on March 5, 2018 00:21

Hello Guys,

i have been trying to make one of the available macro conditions in the content personalization variant for a webpart work.

So i have setup a custom webpart that would display a bootstrap carousel, I have created a webpart variant for it. and that webpart variant targets that specific city only.

Image Text

I have enabled geolocation to kentico as well.

problem is everytime the page is accessed from that particular City, it still shows the default webpart. Although, if i would enter "Manila" (this is the city i am in right now) it would show that webpart variant.

Would you guys help me please?

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David te Kloese answered on March 5, 2018 09:26


Although nowadays quite accurate, I wouldn't 100% rely on the geolocation by IP. If your ISP is located in a different location it might show up not what you expected.

Also not sure how you test it, but as you can read in the following documentation it's not updating your contact details on a 2nd visit:

What you could do for debugging is output the current location (to screen or event log) to see if it has the correct one.

Secondly depending on the scenario you might want to introduce other ways to determine a user is from a specific location. A form you bind to the contact location, a CTA button on your homepage...

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