Kentico Cloudflare (free version) Setup

Olivier Cozette asked on April 21, 2016 16:12

I wanted to give a try to the cloudflare free cdn service with one of my Kentico websites.

It was very easy to setup, a couple of changes on my DNS, and minutes later everything was working as expected, except for the CMSDESK.

Even if it is still working, all my tiles are gone.

Then I declared the "/admin/*" folder to be bypassed by Cloudflare, but still no tiles on my cmsdesk.

Does anyone have any experience with it ?

Thanks !


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Trevor Fayas answered on April 21, 2016 19:14

The CMS Desk uses more than just the /admin folder, it uses a lot of other resources (found in CMSScripts, and CMSPages, etc).

First step would probably to use Cloudflare only for specific folders (like the /media folder, /CMSScripts/Custom, or etc) so only static content is cached, this is the majority of site slowdown is image, js, and css downloading.

I would try to leverage Kentico's built in caching to handle the page HTML rendering and not use Cloud Flare for it if it can be helped.

If you absolutely must cache HTTP content, then you'll need to really look at all the exceptions.

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Olivier Cozette answered on April 21, 2016 19:35

Thank you Travor, you're right about it ! I'll modify the Cloudflare setup to only cache my static contents.

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