Kentico BizForm Email Notification Sent to Different People Depending Options Selected

Barry Maxwell asked on April 8, 2021 16:21

I would like to send an email notification to different email addresses on a contact form depending on what options a user selects on a certain question. The problem comes from I don't want any of those emails in the source code of the HTML because they are sensitive and I don't want any spam bots finding them. Is there any way I can put a function of some kind that passes the value of a field and returns the correct email address?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on April 12, 2021 06:44

Since you can use macros with forms, I would use a macro for the recipient emails field. I do not know what the question and option fields are but I will assume the answers will be a radio buttons field with some set of answers defined. So, you can define the the name;value pair as answer;email address. Sample screen shot.
And then, use the field macro in the recipients setting - screen shot. When the visitor will submit the form, the value part of the pair is saved in the DB and used by the macro to get the value - which will be an email address,

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