Kentico as Digital Signage Solution

Jon Little asked on February 1, 2018 21:42

I was trying to find out some more details of the capabilities of Kentico. My company already has this in place running communications and news updates for different locations on TVs and such. The only issue is that for each site you need to upload whatever you are trying to display as a picture for it to display on the site. It then filters through pictures essentially. How I would like to use it is if I could upload a full powerpoint file and then that site I have setup will then display the contents of the powerpoint. Another feature I would need in order to make this work fully is Flash files that if you upload to the site you can interact with on a touchscreen.

Does anyone know of a way you can use it like this?

Sorry in advance for the limited details. I am just now starting to get involved with kentico but if you have questions please let me know and ill do my best to answer.

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 2, 2018 20:14

Have you looked into Kentico Cloud at all? It's a headless CMS which allows you to store content and display it in multiple places using different technologies.

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Zach Perry answered on February 6, 2018 07:23

I built a Digital Signage solution using Kentico, it is just a webpage that has some javascript to do a continuous loop displaying content (it does a page reload after x number of loops). I use Kentico tree to manage the content for each "slide" of the page. I use GSAP to animate the content on the screen. Then just the browser running in Full Screen on the TV.

I am not sure about displaying a power point on a webpage, but I am sure there is some solution for it. You would probably have to create a custom page type to upload the file, but not sure how you would display that content. Probably some way on the backend to pull the data from each slide as an image or something.

As far as Flash, you might want to avoid something like that for displaying on a browser, since it's getting blocked by a lot of browsers, but you probably can do something to allow it.

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