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Kimsan MRP asked on April 28, 2016 10:00

Hi There,

I need your help on kentico9. After I upgraded from version 7 - 9, I have found error that cannot load front-end.

Invalid column name 'DocumentInheritsStylesheet'. I have already checked in Table "CMS_Document", and I have seen this column as well. but I don't know know why this issue happened while I am trying to load the web site. Do you have any idea? Thank you beforehand :)

Best Regards, Kimsan Poy

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Kentico Support Engineer answered on April 28, 2016 14:46

Hi, How was the upgrade performed and at what version this started to happen? Was the site working on v8.0, 8.1 and 8.2? The important thing and last step of each upgrade is to launch the site after each upgrade and verify it is working fine. If this was not done, please roll back and ugprade again, following the instructions closely.

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Joel Dahlin answered on July 20, 2016 20:25

Same here. It was working in v8.2 for me.

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Praveen Shenoy answered on September 20, 2016 17:32

Hi Guys, how did you fix this issue? We are running into the same issue. Up to version 8.2 (last hot fix 8.2.49) no issues. The moment we upgrade from 8.2 to 9 we get this issue.

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