Kentico 8 - upgraded installation - ecommerce - Invalid Column Name "CategorySKUID"

Leandro Filipczyk asked on June 17, 2014 07:42

Hello, currently we have a kentico 8 installation, that we have upgraded from version 5.5. After some tweaking, all the core Kentico features seem to be working fine. However, the ecommerce webparts are not present ( the files exist on the webparts folder, but the CMS elements have not yet been created). There are SOME ecommerce webparts, but they seem like the outdated versions of them. I tried generating an export of a fresh ecommerce site installation I have, and then a import of the entire site into our upgraded installation (to try to see if that will install the missing webparts) but it fails with this error:

ERROR:  Error importing 'Option categories' objects (Accessories for cellphones)

INSERT INTO COM_OptionCategory ([CategoryDisplayName], [CategoryName], [CategorySelectionType], [CategoryDefaultOptions], [CategoryDescription], [CategoryDefaultRecord], [CategoryEnabled], [CategoryGUID], [CategoryLastModified], [CategoryDisplayPrice], [CategorySiteID], [CategoryTextMaxLength], [CategoryFormControlName], [CategorySKUID], [CategoryType] ) VALUES ( @CategoryDisplayName, @CategoryName, @CategorySelectionType, @CategoryDefaultOptions, @CategoryDescription, @CategoryDefaultRecord, @CategoryEnabled, @CategoryGUID, @CategoryLastModified, @CategoryDisplayPrice, @CategorySiteID, @CategoryTextMaxLength, @CategoryFormControlName, @CategorySKUID, @CategoryType); SELECT SCOPE_IDENTITY() AS [CategoryID] 

Caused exception: 
Invalid column name 'CategorySKUID'.

Exception type: System.Exception
Stack Trace: 
at CMS.DataEngine.AbstractDataConnection.HandleError(String queryText, Exception ex)
at CMS.DataEngine.AbstractDataConnection.ExecuteScalar(String queryText, QueryDataParameters queryParams, QueryTypeEnum queryType, Boolean requiresTransaction)
at CMS.DataEngine.GeneralConnection.ExecuteScalar(QueryParameters query)
at CMS.DataEngine.SimpleDataClass.Insert(Boolean getId)
at CMS.DataEngine.AbstractInfo`1.InsertData()
at CMS.DataEngine.AbstractInfoProvider`2.SetInfo(TInfo info)
at CMS.CMSImportExport.ImportProvider.SetObject(SiteImportSettings settings, GeneralizedInfo infoObj, GeneralizedInfo parentInfo, List`1 importedObjects)
at CMS.CMSImportExport.ImportProvider.ProcessMainObject(SiteImportSettings settings, GeneralizedInfo infoObj, GeneralizedInfo parentObject, TranslationHelper th, ImportParameters parameters)
at CMS.CMSImportExport.ImportProvider.UpdateObject(SiteImportSettings settings, GeneralizedInfo infoObj, Boolean siteObject, DataSet data, TranslationHelper th, Boolean updateChildren, ProcessObjectEnum process, List`1 importedParentIds, List`1 postProcessList, List`1 importedObjects, GeneralizedInfo parentObject, Boolean postProcessing)
at CMS.CMSImportExport.ImportProvider.ImportObjects(SiteImportSettings settings, DataSet data, String objectType, Boolean siteObject, TranslationHelper th, Boolean importChild, ProcessObjectEnum processType, List`1 importedParentIds)

Message: Invalid column name 'CategorySKUID'.

Any ideas of why this might be happening? Is there another way to re-generate the ecommerce webparts?

Let me know.


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Josef Dvorak answered on August 13, 2014 18:15


We have been able to resolve this problem via email, so I am posting the basic information for anyone that would run into this issue in future.

The problem was indeed that the upgrade process failed. In the end, we were able to fix the problem by importing the site into a clean instance of Kentico 8.

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