Kentico 8 - Restricting access to pages based on Roles/Permissions

Kyle G asked on February 22, 2017 16:30

Hi there,

I'm looking to restrict access to a folder and child pages to one specific user group (brought in from AD). Nothing seems to be working. I tried following the instructions here (, to no avail.

I even tried denying the read role for my user, but on the live site I can still see everything. What am I missing?


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Zach Perry answered on February 22, 2017 16:59

What is your privilege level for the user you are using? If you are a global administrator, removing read permissions on those pages won't stop you from being able to navigate to it.

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Ilesh Mistry answered on February 22, 2017 23:05

Have you tried this with users manually created within Kentico and not from AD import? This way it will help you identify if, as Zachary mentioned, the privilege level is set correctly or not.

Depending on how you have done this import, users from AD import could have specific / default privilege levels applied, if not explictly set. Can you check this as well please?

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Kyle G answered on February 23, 2017 15:23

Thanks guys, I've tried it with users created from the AD import, with the privilege level set to None. I've even checked the "Check permissions" box on certain web parts (search results) but it still shows everything. Ideally I want to have a section/collection of pages visible for one specific role only.

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