Kentico 8.1- Paypal method integration

Rahul Raghuvanshi asked on September 29, 2014 06:33


I have implemented Kentico Paypal in my e-commerce site, with the reference of Kentico e-commerce sample website, I have configured Paypal settings using Paypal sandbox merchant and buyer account.

Execution is working fine, but as I created "Order completed" just like on e-commerce sample website, as Paypal return page, its working fine.

But when I am looking into user My Account order tab or in store overview from cmsdesk, order status is showing new and IsPaid is no.

As per my understanding after successful Paypal transaction, it should be update with status "Payment Recived" and "IsPaid is yes".

Please let me know and guide me where I am doing wrong or what need to be remain to achieve this.

Here are the setting which I applied into Paypal configuration:

Business: email@sanboxmarchant
Cancel return URL: blank
Notify URL: ~/CMSModules/Ecommerce/CMSPages/PayPalIPN.aspx
Return URL: ~/Special-Pages/Order-Completed

Thanks in advance.

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Josef Dvorak answered on December 2, 2014 18:17

Hello Rahul,

There are couple reasons why this could be happening.

Are the transactions marked in PayPal as successful? The business email does not seem to be valid. Can you also check, if the PayPal provider has its property Order status if payment succeeds set to Payment received status, and this Order status has Mark order as paid set in its properties?

Finally, are you running your site live, or only on localhost? can you please test if the URL ~/CMSModules/Ecommerce/CMSPages/PayPalIPN.aspx is accessible over the internet?

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