Kentico 8.1 Note for Individual Product on Check Out

paul li asked on October 28, 2014 01:24

Is there a way in v8.1, in the check out page, that we can add notes to individual product? rather than having the order notes web part which is just notes to the entire order.

thanks a lot

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 28, 2014 01:26

I haven't played with 8.1 a lot yet but I'd think you should be able to add a field to the order line class and then modify your transformations and forms to include this new field.

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Yehuda Lando answered on October 28, 2014 11:03

I did this using a custom class. I made a custom module and added a class that has bindings to a shopping cart item and an order item, and also added a custom ShoppingCartInfoProvider that overrides SetOrderInternal, and in there it updates the OrderItemID to the correct ID.

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Ivana Liptakova answered on October 31, 2014 11:56


you could also create a custom field in Shopping cart item class and field with the same code name in Order item class in Modules - E-commerce - Classes.

Then you would need to develop only a custom control which would allow user to insert product note. Something like CartItemUnits.ascx.cs, which allows users to modify number of units in new checkout process.

The custom product note data would be copied from shopping cart tem field to order item field automatically when order would be placed.

Best regards,

Ivana Tomanickova

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