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Steven Logan asked on July 26, 2022 22:41

We are testing our migration from Kentico 12 to 13. My users cannot see "Pages" under "Content Management" in the left rail menu. it appears for admin but not for the other users. They see "My pages," "pending pages," etc. but not the "Pages" option. They can see the functions I have given specific rights in the permissions, such at the media libraries.

I know it is something silly I am missing or have forgotten, but I am stumped.

Thanks in advance, Steven

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Juraj Ondrus answered on July 28, 2022 07:43

I would recommend using the security debug to see what permission is missing. The question is whether they are authorized to access the module or whether they just cannot see it in the UI (difference between permissions vs. UI personalization)

I would make sure the permissions for the Content module are set and then also check the UI personalization that the Pages module is checked and they can see it (and all ancestor modules need to be checked too to ensure the tree hierarchy). Sample screen shot.

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