Kentico 12 SP - hotfix upgrade from 12.0.96 to 12.0.101

Murugesan Manokaran asked on October 11, 2022 22:27

Applied hotfix version 12.0.101 in the existing 12.0.96 Kentico website. Kentico Admin website is still showing 12.0.96 version. any help?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on October 12, 2022 05:25

How did you applied the hotfix? Please, describe all the steps. Have you cleared the browser cache?

What is returned by this SQL query:

SELECT KeyName AS [Descrip tion], [KeyValue] AS [Value]

FROM CMS_SettingsKey

WHERE KeyName IN ('CMSDBVersion', 'CMSDataVersion', 'CMSHotfixVersion')

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