Kentico 12 - Rich Text Form components "Edit" button does no action in formbuilder

Kevin Ferati asked on July 31, 2023 13:14


I am trying to create a form component which renders a markup entered by the user in the form component's properties. In my web app solution, i've installed the Kentico.EMS12.MvcComponents.Widget.RichText package and I've created a form component (the code is further below).

The property seems to render correctly, but clicking the "Edit" button does nothing :

Image Text


     public class RichTextDesignFormComponent :FormComponent<RichTextDesignFormComponentProperties, string>
    public const string IDENTIFIER = nameof(RichTextDesignFormComponent);

    public override string LabelForPropertyName => string.Empty;

    public string ContentMarkup => Properties.DesignMarkup;

    public override string GetValue() => ContentMarkup;

    public override void SetValue(string value) { }


 public class RichTextDesignFormComponentProperties : RichTextProperties
    [EditingComponent(RichText.IDENTIFIER, Label = "Design")]
    public string DesignMarkup { get; set; }


@using Kentico.Components.Web.Mvc.InlineEditors
@using UPU.Models.FormComponents.RichTextDesign
@model RichTextDesignFormComponent


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