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Dan Ford asked on June 20, 2023 17:03


Our website uses forms to generate enquiries. I would like to implement channel tracking as a hidden field to our forms. for example if a user fills out a form but was acquired by organic search the form would have a hidden field which would show on submission it was through organic. Same principle with direct,advertising ppc etc.

Wordpress have ninja forms which looks suitable but doesnt work for kentico.

Has anyone got a way they use this so they can track CPA for users acorss different media?

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 20, 2023 18:52

If you're using Portal Engine in version 12 you can do the followign:

  1. Add a new field for the item you want to track.
  2. Set a "hidden" css class on the form field so it doesn't actually show on the public facing site but is still part of the form.
  3. Set the default value to a macro. Assuming you're looking at URL parameters, you can use something like {%parameterName%} as the macro to capture the URL parameter value.

If you're using MVC in version 12, you'll have to do some custom javascript work to handle the click event of the form on the client side.

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Dan Ford answered on June 21, 2023 10:05

would you be able to also link this to GTM? just need to make sure our forms are showing from which channel they came from

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