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George Tselios asked on May 27, 2020 11:51

Dear all,

We are starting the development of a new e-shop site with Kentico 12SP/MVC, and we would like to ask some questions regarding the "out of the box" features of the eCommerce module:

  1. Suppose that in our e-shop, there are groups of products that cannot be combined together in the same order and therefore cannot be placed together in the shopping cart. Is it possible for a customer to use more than one shopping carts at the same time (meaning during the same session) in order to have a shopping basket for each product group?

  2. Suppose that in a shopping cart there are groups of products that need different handling in terms of tax calculation / shipping costs etc. Is it possible to have different checkout processes for each group of products that are placed in a single shopping cart? In this context, starting with a single shopping cart of products that belong to various groups one would end up having more than one orders, is this supported?

  3. Is it possible to execute a check out process (meaning to be able to use the built-in API for calculating taxes / shipping costs / discounts etc) directly on a product and not on a shopping cart?

Thanks in advance,

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David te Kloese answered on June 4, 2020 11:34

Not sure if you've found your answers already...

I do have some doubts about the why you would want this all, but in short regarding your specific questions:

  1. There is a one-one relation for Shoppingcart and Customer, this is also connected for restoring shoppingcart when you've left the session. So out of the box no. You might be able to customize it, but you'd have to handle quite some logic.

  2. Why would you want it to be multiple orders? Can't you just extend the tax and shipping costs calculations?

  3. Tax is calculated on product level, but shipping costs usually are calculated apart from the products usually because those prices are not displayed in the order VAT, or can't be used with discounts or vouchers and such.

Could you describe a valid use case why you would need this. I think you could easily enrich the process with adding additional (optional) calculations to your checkout that check for properties in these "groups".

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Dominic Boyer answered on July 9, 2020 19:34

In the store configuration you can create custom departments and custom tax class. For each product you can associated that product with a departments and that department is associated with custom tax class.

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