Kentico 12 Multi Site - Missing Presentation URL

Brian Brown asked on July 26, 2022 15:24

I have an Existing Site with Site Domain and Presentation URL.

Site Domain: localhost:62983 Presentation URL: http://localhost:64843

We are creating a new site that will contain and share many of the same page types, widgets etc.

However on the new site I'm creating there's only an option for site domain, no presentation url, so when I got to Page Tab it gives me a 404. What do I need to adjust?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on July 28, 2022 07:53

The Presentation URL should be part of the export package. When importing, you are setting just the domain name for the admin app. The Presentation URL for the imported site is set based on the value from the export package. So, you need to go to Sites -> edit your site and change the Presentation URL if needed.

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Brian Brown answered on July 28, 2022 14:44

I created a new site and it wasn't working. Doing the Export seemed to fix it. Thank you

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Juraj Ondrus answered on July 28, 2022 14:52

If you want to add a brand new site into existing instance, please follow the documentation. It says in one of the info boxes:

Installing new MVC sites into existing Kentico instances

If you wish to add the new MVC site into an existing Kentico administration project, set the target location to the given project's installation folder.

In this scenario, the installer adds the MVC project into the specified folder and uses the administration project's existing database. A new Kentico administration project is not created.

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