Kentico 11: Using the Kentico API externally and Marketing Automation Triggers

Ali Azhar asked on June 28, 2021 20:07

The Question

I used the following link to integrate a external Web API application with the Kentico API. See Here.

We have endpoints setup on the external application to create contacts in our portal engine application on a separate domain.

We expected that the creation of contacts would result in the triggering of our Marketing Automation processes that use the Contact Created trigger.

Here is the following code snippet that we have tried:

ContactInfoProvider.SetContactInfo(new ContactInfo() { ContactFirstName = "CONTACT_TEST", ContactLastName = "CONTACT_TEST", ContactEmail = "" });

This triggers the marketing automation when made on aspx page on the main site application, but it does not do anything when made from our external application.


Recent Answers

Ali Azhar answered on July 5, 2021 15:56

Here is an answer I got from Kentico Support directly.

I believe the issue here is related to the global events that normally trigger automation processes not being included in the more limited version of the API that is available for external applications.

However, I think it should still be possible to trigger this automation process from your external app, using code that explicitly does so, like this:

Hope that helps you!

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