Kentico 11 Marketing Database Maintaince

Wei Wang asked on August 8, 2022 19:57


We are currently using Kentico 11 portal engine for our public website. We've separated the marketing database from the main database. But the marketing database size grows too much.

So is there anything else we can do besides enabling the "Delete inactive contacts" task? The table OM_Activity has too many entries, how can we manage this table? Like can we delete records in OM_Activity from time to time?

thanks, Wei Wang

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 8, 2022 22:07

You can tell the system what activities you want to track. I'd highly recommend only tracking activities you are actually using.

Settings > On-line marketing > Contact management > Activities

Secondly, I'd recommend making sure the delete inactive contacts task is running. Keep in mind it will only delete 1000 contacts per day. So it may take quite some time to clean that up.

Lastly, depending on the need for transactional database backups, you may want to change your database's recovery model to Simple vs. Full. This will help with the log file size.

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Wei Wang answered on August 8, 2022 22:30

thank you!

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