Kentico 10 - Default Workflow Exception

Daniel Barndon asked on August 9, 2017 04:20


We're currently using Kentico 10.0.23. I'm hoping that someone has seen this issue before and can assist.

No workflows have been changed from the default installation and adding a new workflow causes the same error.

Steps to reproduce:

From Dashboard; select  Workflows -> Default workflow -> Steps

When the 'Steps' link is clicked, the following error is shown "[UniGrid] : Error during reloading data."

From the event log:

Source: UniGrid

Event code: RELOADDATA


WITH AllData AS ( SELECT [StepID], [StepDisplayName], [StepType], [StepDefinition], ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY [StepOrder]) AS [CMS_RN] FROM CMS_WorkflowStep WHERE ([StepWorkflowType] <> 3 OR [StepWorkflowType] IS NULL) AND (StepWorkflowID = ) ) SELECT , (SELECT COUNT() FROM AllData) AS [CMS_TOT] FROM AllData WHERE CMS_RN BETWEEN 1 AND 25 ORDER BY CMS_RN

Caused exception: Incorrect syntax near ')'.

Exception type: System.Exception Stack trace: at CMS.DataEngine.AbstractDataConnection.HandleError(String queryText, Exception ex) at CMS.DataEngine.AbstractDataConnection.ExecuteQuery(String queryText, QueryDataParameters queryParams, QueryTypeEnum queryType, Boolean requiresTransaction) at CMS.DataEngine.GeneralConnection.RunQuery(QueryParameters query) at CMS.DataEngine.GeneralConnection.RunQueryWithRetry(QueryParameters query, Int32 retryCount) at CMS.DataEngine.GeneralConnection.ExecuteQuery(QueryParameters query, Int32& totalRecords) at CMS.DataEngine.DataQueryBase1.GetDataFromDBInternal() at CMS.DataEngine.DataQueryBase1.GetDataFromDB() at CMS.DataEngine.DataQueryBase1.GetData() at CMS.DataEngine.DataQueryBase1.get_Result() at CMS.DataEngine.ObjectQueryBase2.GetResults(IDataQuery query, Int32& totalRecords) at CMS.DataEngine.DataQueryBase1.GetDataFromDB() at CMS.DataEngine.DataQueryBase1.GetData() at CMS.DataEngine.ObjectQueryBase2.GetData() at CMS.DataEngine.DataQueryBase`1.get_Result() at CMS.UIControls.UniGrid.LoadDataFromDataQuery(IDataQuery q, Boolean applySettings) at CMS.UIControls.UniGrid.RetrieveData() at CMS.UIControls.UniGrid.ReloadData()

Message: Incorrect syntax near ')'.

Correct Answer

Daniel Barndon answered on August 9, 2017 07:59

Just in case anyone else encounters this issue, the helpful support staff at Kentico came up with the following solution:

Re-sign macro signatures in System application > Macros > Signatures > tick Sign all macros check box and click the Update macro signatures button.

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