Issues upgrading 5.5R2 to 6.0

Cesar Pinilla asked on January 8, 2015 20:09

I'm attempting to upgrade an instance of kentico running version v5.5.3996 R2 to 6.0 using the upgrade tools and instructions here but I'm running into some issues.

The upgrade tool completes successfully and mentions that only the global.asax.cs file has been modified with the .new and to compare the files for any changes. For simplicity I'm just using the .new file (after renaming it) and removing the previous one. I would make the necessary changes once everything is working.

After compiling and attempting to run the site, the actual site seems to have disappeared completely and looking at the sites list in the cmssitemanager, nothing is listed.

The next issue comes when trying to access the cmsdesk. I get this .NET error:

[TranslationHelper.GetObject]: Event OnGetReadOnlyObject is not initialized, cannot retrieve object code name column name. You must call CMSContext.Init() before running any of your methods. In web application, the web.config file must contain registration for the CMSApplicationModule: .

However, I've verified that CMSApplicationModule is already registered in my web.config file.

I've attempted this upgrade several times following all the instructions and always end up with the same errors. Any help?


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Brenden Kehren answered on January 8, 2015 22:43

What I do in these scenarios is take a fresh install of the version I'm going to and compare the config files. This has proven to be a much simpler and faster route than migrating settings from one to the other for me.

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Sandro Jankovic answered on January 9, 2015 11:10

Have you made any changes to the application start methods (e.g. ~/App_Code/Application/CMSAppBase.cs file)? What happens if you use the same Global.ascx file you were using previously? Is your application still running despite this error being logged when hitting CMS Desk? Could you try copying your DLLs files directly from the upgrade package then clearing the .NET cache?

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best Regards,


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Cesar Pinilla answered on January 9, 2015 18:05

it seems it was a web.config issue after all. I used the web.config from a fresh kentico 6 install and just updated my connection strings and custom app keys and everything seems to be working properly. Thanks for all the help!

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 9, 2015 20:18

Cesar, you might consider using custom settings within the UI vs. app keys. They are a lot easier to work with and they are database driven. Nice part is you don't have to worry about adding/updating those keys in the .config file anymore. Granted the link is for v8 but they are available in v6 as well.

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Cesar Pinilla answered on January 9, 2015 20:27

Thanks for the tip Brenden :)

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