Issue with Form Submission on live site

Francis Carroll asked on August 10, 2022 16:51


I am running Kentico 13.0.78 using .Net core and IIS 10.

I am having an issue with the default kentico form on my live website that is running.

This only seems to occur when the loadbalancer on the server is turned off and only when the user navigates to the page from a link in an email newsletter from a non kentico newsletter provider.

Could this be the Kentico anti-forgery token causing the issue??

Some users are experiencing an unresponsive form, when they click the submit button there is not submission or validation of fields, teh submit button just becomes highlighted.

There is an issue in the systemFormComponents.min.js file. See image for further error details.

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Francis Carroll answered on August 11, 2022 11:02


After some investigation into the issue it seems to be related to the load balancer. On this site we have the front end load balanced.

It appears that this issue occurs when the submit button is pressed and it switches to the other load balanced site.

Do you have any recommendations on this setup?

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