Issue in display Currency symbol for Australian Dollar

Rahul Raghuvanshi asked on November 5, 2014 08:46


I am developing an E-commerce site in Kentico 8.1, in "Store configuration - Currencies", I have created new currency with name "Australian Dollar" and configured it as main currency, I also configured culture and country as "Australia", everything is working fine, but facing issue in displaying currency symbol as prefix, means at everyplace where price is displaying not getting any currency symbol as I was expecting "$" sign.

I am not getting how and from where I can configure new currency symbol for "Australian Dollar" currency or how can I use even "$" for "Australian Dollar" currency same as coming in case of "US Dollar" currency when setting it as main currency.

Please help me or suggest me to achieve for the same.

​Thanks in advance.

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Josef Dvorak answered on November 5, 2014 10:53

Hi Rahul,

You can show the '$' sign by adding it to the format string located here:

E-commerce -> Store configuration -> Currencies -> Australian Dollar -> Currency formatting string: ${0:0.00}

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