Is it possible to move a project from Kentico 7 to kentico 12?

Mani SJ asked on April 17, 2020 06:33

Is it possible to move a project from Kentico 7 to kentico 12?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on April 17, 2020 07:27

Well, it depend what you mean by move - if you mean like direct upgrade, then no, you need to follow the upgrade path and upgrade instructions for given version upgrade. This means you need to upgrade from version to version.
Other option would be installing a fresh Kentico 12 instance and move the content from the v7 database to the v 12 database tables and re-do all the custom code.

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on April 17, 2020 19:13 (last edited on April 17, 2020 19:16)

Just to add to Juraj answer: I guess what you a looking for is this article: Multi-version Upgrades: Alternate Approach. We've actually upgraded from 7 to 12 that way. The basic idea you upgrade the DB first. And at the end you change the code. If db upgrade went well -> you are 99% successful.

You have to have to all instances installed without DB from 8 to 12: 8 -> 8.1 -> 8.2 -> 9.0 -> 10 -> 11 -> 12. You connect the DB to each instance and run the upgrade (run sql upgrade first. then start the the admin with upgrade file copied in site folder . check the log for DB Upgrade to xx.0 START and FINISH). Anyway follow the article.

Important notes:

  • clean up object history and version history tables (for example like this). They are not upgraded anyway. usually these are the biggest tables.
  • Backup DB on each step.
  • You may shrink the DB (we have over 100k nodes with shrinked DB it was about 10 minutes for each version. the upgrade was significantly faster).
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