Is it possible : Hide Tree Node children & show Listing view in CMS Desk (aka Sitecore Item Buckets)

Dave Forster asked on March 17, 2016 15:50

Just wondering if there were any solutions out there that would allow you to "not show" the list of child nodes for any given parent node, and by default show the "Listing" view when the parent node is selected.

If you've ever used Sitecore you may be familiar with Item Buckets.. which effectly allows you to set an node in the content tree to be a "bucket".. with all the children in there, just not expanded on the tree. The idea being that it helps visually manage nodes that have a considerable amount of child nodes and also helps with tree performance.

The Listing view for a node in Kentico effectively gives you this but I'd like to keep the actual tree from displaying the nodes.

Is this possible ?

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Trevor Fayas answered on March 17, 2016 18:08

Out of box i'm afraid not, although that would be beneficial in certain cases.

Doing this would involve modifying base kentico objects, which isn't recommended. You can create your own Module interfaces and extend various controls, but you would have to recreate a lot of stuff to achieve what you are looking to do.

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Virgil Carroll answered on March 18, 2016 16:33


We often use custom tables for this information depending on what you are looking to store. We have worked with Sitecore extensively as well and that is a very nice feature.

Also to expand on what Trevor recommends, in version 9 especially you could relatively easily create a module interface for the storing of this data. As long as you use the default forms and display methods, then you would actually have to do no coding to make this happen. Once you had the structure in place, you could do one of a few things to help you out.

  1. You could add a UniGridView web part and use SQL to access the items in the module and display, etc.

  2. For finer control you could build a web part that you could store in the content tree that would display a grid view (or what ever you wanted), allow paging, etc. and the edit controls to simulate the functionality of the item buckets in Sitecore

  3. You could extend the module, add all the interfaces in there and actually integrate with the Kentico admin menu structure so it was handled more globally

Also in Kentico 9, you do have the ability to to set page types as container only. you would still see it as a structure, but these special types are just meant to store content to be accessed from other areas vs. actually having a display side like a default page type. If you can handle seeing the content tree, this would be the best and easiest way to do this.

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