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Sharath Kumar asked on March 17, 2018 01:48

Hi, I am new to Kentico and trying to understand how Paypal integration works. Can you please help me to implement the paypal integration and provide me any sample code or example? I did gone through this link, but this talks about how to configure Paypal in admin settings. The basic I am not able to understand is how or where can i specify the price and then redirect the customer to Paypal page for payment. I am not using all those e-commerce feature, my requirement here is simple: I have only one product (or service) with fixed price in my home page or somewhere in information page. I need to provide the link/button to customer to purchase that product or service and once the payment is done, customer then allowed to go to next step. Here is I am stuck and can't understand where those Paypal integration built into Kentico come into picture and useful? Please help me and let me know if more details required.

Thanks Sharath

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 17, 2018 01:58

Sounds like you only need a PayPal button then. Log into your PayPal account and look for seller features and they will provide you a link to place on your site.

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Sharath Kumar answered on March 17, 2018 03:04

Thanks Brenden, let me check this option

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