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Pravas Suki asked on April 2, 2014 22:46

Hello, I have been given the responsibility to create an online promotion form using Kentico. One of the requirements for a particular field within the form is to display an example image upon mouse-over or have a image icon next to the input box. Any help provided would be appreciated. Thanks. Pravas

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 3, 2014 07:26

Use the custom form layout for the form and insert your form layout there and add any images, html, etc. as per your requirements.

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Richard Sustek answered on April 6, 2014 02:25


Thank you for your message.

Just to confirm its exactly as Brenden says. In your form layout you can add any Html and Javascript code as you need and adding image there is just like adding it anywhere else. Its just a pure HTML.

The easiest solution would probably be this -> (see first answer)

Kind regards,

Richard Sustek

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