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Elmar Putz asked on August 5, 2014 11:39

Hi, we are using the Smart Search Feature on Kentico 7, which is really awesome. But we have a problem with generating / updating the index.

The site is built with .aspx templates, and our pages consist of repeaters with different document types inside. The Search Index is limited to the Class "CMS.MenuItem", as we only want the complete page output displayed in search results and not single documents / content elements from repeaters inside the page. The Index uses "Document Crawler" setting. The problem:

  • When updating / rebuilding the index in the Administration Panel, the Pages won't get indexed with their full output from repeaters / child documents - when i test the search in the panel, there are no results
  • The pages are indexed correctly, after re-saving the page via CMSDesk (the page itself, not the Documents which are displayed via repeaters inside the page)
  • With this odd behavior it is nearly impossible to get a full working index automatically, as every editor has to re-save the parent page when editing any content element / document

Any help would really be appreciated!


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Roman Koníček answered on November 30, 2014 14:22

Hi Elmar,

Your current structure is like an example below?

  • TestPage (PageMenu item)
  • -- Doc1 (child)
  • -- Doc2(child)

On TestPage you have a repeater which renders the content of Doc1 and Doc2. You want to have indexed only text presented on TestPage, is that correct? Now lets say, you will create a new page called Doc3 with some information in it, this information is printed on TestPage, however you can't display this text in search results even if you rebuild your index? Could you please check CMS_Search task database table, are there any records? Also you might want to try to inspect your index with LUKE tool, so you can see what data are in your index.

Also what hotfixes have you applied? Please consider applying the latest hotfix in order to have the latest code-base and all known bugs fixed.

Regards, Roman Konicek

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