Importing Contacts and Groups from Previous Kentico Install

Michael Legacy asked on June 2, 2020 18:14

Hey all,

I'm trying to import 400,000 contacts from a previous Kentico install into our new MVC site. I've tried the Import Toolkit but it's terribly slow. I need to save Identities so that we don't lose Contact group relationships.

There has been some new items added to the new install since we switched over, so I'm getting some duplicate ID errors on SSMS import data tool. When I try to truncate the tables, I'm getting Foreign key errors.

Can anyone who has tranferred large amounts of contacts in the past help me out?

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Daniel Merta answered on June 3, 2020 14:27

Hi Michael,

I've replied also to your support ticket. I recommend using the built-in feature for importing contacts: Importing contacts. If you split your CSV file per every contact group, you'll be able to import them into predefined contact groups and also keep their relationships.

If importing via Import toolkit throws timeouts, another option is to import contacts via API: Creating contacts and Adding contacts to a contact group.

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