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Chet Tom asked on February 10, 2021 19:06

I am building a custom module. I am using the default.xml grid that autopopualtes a classes data below in the unigrid system with new and edit taken care of via the templates. I need an import csv button in the header actions that will intake the validated filename and then populate the grid below.

I have a custom page template for my listing to add a new headaction with the codename of the new UI element I created. Right now that button takes me to an aspx page where I have had no luck implementing a simple fileUpload form to collect the data post submit and filter into the correct rows. If you try and use bizform or uiform with type file it will validate you away saying .csv are not allowed.

Thus I am trying to deconstruct importCSV in On-line marketing >> Contact management but it is a pain in the rear. Anybody have any wisdom here?

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 12, 2021 15:12

In your custom page you should be able to use any form controls and/or any Kentico CMS form controls without error/issue. So if you only need a file upload control AND a submit button, then just add those two objects to the page and code around them. If the system is saying you can't upload .csv files, then go to Settings and add that file extension to the allowed files list.

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