ILicenseService not found when connecting to Kentico API from console app

Patrick Nolan asked on April 16, 2020 04:47


I'm trying to access Kentico from a console app but am getting the exception below. I've followed the documentation here

I have a CMSConnectionString in my config file and am calling CMS.DataEngine.CMSApplication.Init()

Does anyone know what else I'm missing? It seems to be looking for an implementation of ILicenseService.

System.NotSupportedException: [ObjectFactory.CurrentObjectFactory]: Implementation for type 'ILicenseService' was not found, make sure that assembly with implementation is present in the bin folder of your application. If the assembly is present, the implementation must be registered by call to ObjectFactory

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 16, 2020 05:22

Did you install the Kentico.Libraries nuget library package for 9.x? Seems your project is missing a .dll in the BIN directory.

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