I need to create a file dwnload report

Daniel Main asked on January 18, 2024 20:58

In K12 there was the file download reports and they were great. but in K13 they seem to be missing. I attempted to enter in the same values that were in K12 and still nothing. does Kentico not track the files downloaded any longer?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on January 19, 2024 05:57

This worked for portal engine and only for CMS.File pages - it was a special page type and there was some code tied to it in web analytics. In MVC development model this page type is no longer available because all the logic is done in your MVC app and this app is also serving the content to the users. If you have some page type for the files or some other flag how to recognize them when viewed, you can create a custom analytics tracking.

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Daniel Main answered on January 30, 2024 21:47

Thanks for the direction. we just went through the Kentico 12 Portal edition to K13 so still getting use to how much is no longer plug and play. but I was able to get this integrated in no time.

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