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kyle shapiro asked on May 31, 2017 23:32

I'm writing a transformation for a page repeater. I would like to write

<a href="">google</a>

but the resulting HTML is

<a href="[Your entire website path of this page's parent document]/">google</a>

please help me get the former instead of the latter.

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 31, 2017 23:46

For the href to work properly you need the protocol as well. The browser simply sees as a relative link because it doesn't have a protocol with it. Assign the protocol and you'll be set. It's not a Kentico "thing", it's a browser "thing" and your href needs to be in the proper format. I'd suggest ensuring the input checks for a protocol or your output checks for the protocol.

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kyle shapiro answered on June 1, 2017 00:07

Hahaha such a silly mistake! Thank you so much Brenden. Even though this was an simple thing, I was so stumped and hung up on it. Appreciate it!

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Joseph Ccole answered on July 1, 2017 23:25 (last edited on July 1, 2017 23:26)

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diego tony answered on February 2, 2018 16:13 (last edited on February 2, 2018 16:13)

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