How to use third party API inside custom webparts

Jenilyn Sanchez asked on August 7, 2018 10:13

Hi, I'm new to Kentico. I have a current web project, I choose to use portal engine development model. The website is basically informative. But there is a feature where I need to display information(statistic) from a third party API in one of the pages.

I would appreciate if anyone can help me on how to integrate third party API call in custom webpart and display return data.

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Arun Kumar answered on August 7, 2018 12:06

Hi Jenilyn,

You can use the external API in custom web part like we do in any other user control. Just create a new web part using this link and register your new user control inside Kentico. You can call external API on web part page load or any other button event based on your requirement.

To display data in page you can bind the response from external API to repeater or any other control according to your layout design, see this link for repeater reference.

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Jenilyn Sanchez answered on August 8, 2018 03:26

Hi Samira, thank you so much for the your detailed answer. I will try this.

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