How to use "Plain text" version in Email marketing emails?

Michał Gajdziel asked on February 15, 2022 15:29

I have a site with Kentico EMS licence. I seek an advice in a case of "Email Marketing" Application.

I'm wondering how to use "Plain Text" version. When I fill popup editor with some content and send draft email for example nothing is changed in sended email.

In docs i found only this part -

"Plain text – allows you to enter a plain text version of the email that is sent alongside the standard email. You can customize the content of plain text emails via macro expressions (see also Email Marketing macro expressions)."

Am I doing something wrong? Can someone explain how to use this feature?

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vasu yerramsetti answered on February 15, 2022 16:31

Please follow below steps:

  1. Create new email template with email template type from Email Marketing --> Email Templates
  2. Create new email feed as newsletter Or campaign and select email template which was created on step 1 from Email templates from Email Marketing --> Email feeds
  3. Next edit email feed which was created on step 2 and create new email from emails tab
  4. Edit email from Step 3 and now you can see email builder with plain text. You can add your desired text with macros.
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vasu yerramsetti answered on March 2, 2022 03:04

Michał Gajdziel - Is your issue ("Plain text" version in Email marketing emails) is resolved?

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