How to redirect home page link "default.aspx" to "Home.aspx"?

Nitin Patil asked on April 1, 2016 15:31

How to redirect home page link "default.aspx" to "Home.aspx".....after login and also logout link should be redirect to home page.

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 4, 2016 05:07

In addition to what Dawid suggested, make sure you have the following settings configured correctly on your site:

  • Settings>Content>Web site content>Default alias path should be set to /home
  • Settings>URLs and SEO>SEO - URLs>Default page should be set to Use domain root
  • Restart your site

Doing this will set your site to properly use the home page as your root page so you don't have to use /home.aspx or /default.aspx as your root or home page.

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Dawid Jachnik answered on April 1, 2016 15:40


In the web parts Logon form, sign out has property default url or redirect after signout where you can set the link.

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