How to make dynamic page template and dynamic content in WebPart when change multi languages in CMS

Ha Son Nguyen Tat asked on June 13, 2018 19:33

Hi Kentico experts,

We have an expectation is that the page template and the EditRegionTable content in WebPart will be dynamic when we exchange back and forth with multi language or multi location with using multi language or multi location function in CMS Kentico.

Could the CMS Kentico system support us to make as our above expectation?

Thanks for advance.

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Rui Wang answered on June 13, 2018 19:55

For content in editable region, you will need to translate the content for each language.

For text in templates, you can use the localization resource strings. For example: instead of hardcode "Welcome" in the template, you can go to Localization app, create a resource string for "Welcome", then in your template use ASCX or macro to load the string

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smith john answered on June 19, 2018 12:32

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