How to get uniselector form control to limit documents to a relative path?

Lance Keay asked on August 31, 2017 16:23

I have a page type with a field that uses a uniselector. I have the 'where' condition restricting to a single type of document. I'd like to also be able to restrict the uniselector to only documents where the path is relative to the current document.

eg: /somefolder/products/'Doc A' has the uniselector. I want to be able to select documents from /somefolder/products/options, so the relative path would be '../options/%'

/anotherfolder/taffy/'Doc B' is the same page type as 'Doc A'. The uniselector should look in /anotherfolder/taffy/options for documents.

I hope this makes sense!

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Trevor Fayas answered on August 31, 2017 17:57 (last edited on March 24, 2018 12:15)

Have you tried using a macro in the Where Condition to something like

NodeAliasPath like {% CurrentDocument.Parent.NodeAliasPath+"/options/%" %} ?

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Michael Eustace answered on November 27, 2017 22:59 (last edited on March 24, 2018 12:16)

This question was answered here in the scenario where you want it to work in the Edit or Form tabs.

NodeAliasPath LIKE '{% EditedObject.NodeAliasPath %}/%'

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