How to fix some ambiguous error (conflict project files with files in Temp folder in Azure Server)

Ha Son Nguyen Tat asked on August 24, 2015 06:51

Hi Kentico's Experts, I'm getting some errors in processing of upload my Kentico project to Azure Server. Particularly, I've gotten ambiguous error when running site (On screen, it show error message with meaning that is "some files in my Kentico package app is conflicting with some files which have same name in Temp Folder in Azure Server" after processing of upload my Kentico Project to Azure Server to be finished completely). In my technical opinion, I've thought out two methods. I will show two methods to discuss with yours below. So, we can find out the best solution for problem.
+ Method 1: Excluding some conflicted files in my project to avoid away ambiguous problem(I tried it but it is seemly not a good solution)
+ Method 2: Removing/Deleting some conflicted files in Temp Folder in Azure Server to avoid away ambiguous problem (I've still not founded out which is way to Removing/Deleting Temp Folder in Azure Server). I think that the "Method 2" is one of best way. However, I still didn't do it for now. Could you help me to implement "Method 2"?

If you have other some methods to solve ambiguous problem in Kentico App in Azure Server, you could suggest them for me? Thank you so much ! I need to help from Kentico's Expert in soon time! Thanks Kentico's Experts!

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