How to enable row selection on UniGrid in BizFormEditData.ascx

Charles Wesley asked on June 13, 2014 17:55

I am trying to enable multi-select on the UniGrid in the BizFormEditData.ascx web user control:


I have tried enabling this via the code-in-front UniGrid definition:

<GridOptions ShowSelection="true" />

I have tried enabling this via the code-behind in the Page_Load method:

gridData.GridOptions.ShowSelection = true;

Any ideas?

Correct Answer

Charles Wesley answered on June 17, 2014 15:39

The methods outlined in my question are a correct way to enable this feature.

The issue I ran into is that a custom filter that had been written by another developer was dynamically generating an XML string and setting it to the GridName property of the UniView control.

This was overriding any of the methods above, resulting in the behavior I was struggling with.

So from a troubleshooting perspective:

  1. Look at the UniGrid in the code-in-front to see if <GridOptions ShowSelection="true"/> has been defined.
  2. Look in the code-behind and see if the GridOptions are defined in the Page_Load method
  3. Look to see if the GridName property is being set anywhere
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