How to create user directly in database

42 Rio asked on February 21, 2019 11:05

Hi, we need to create new users directly into database (instead of using API). What is the bare minimum of fields needet to be filled? I assume it means createrecords in CMS_User, CMS_UserRole, CMS_UserSettings and CMS_UserSite tables. Is there anything else to be done or is there any database procedure that can do that? Thank you.

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vasu yerramsetti answered on February 21, 2019 15:28


Your are correct. There is no stored procedure. User record get stored in the following sequence in database with sample INSERT Statement with mandatory fields.

  • CMS_User INSERT INTO CMS_User(UserName,Email,UserGUID,UserLastModified,UserPrivilegeLevel,UserPasswordFormat,UserCreated) Values('vasu','', NewID(),GETDATE(),3,'PBKDF2',GETDATE())
  • CMS_CMS_UserSettings [optional] INSERT INTO CMS_UserSettings (UserSettingsUserID,UserSettingsUserGUID) VALUES(@UserID, @UserGUID)

You can get the @UserID and @UserGUID from CMS_User table

  • CMS_UserSite [optional] INSERT INTO CMS_UserSite(UserID,SiteID) Values(@UserID,SiteID)
  • CMS_UserRole[optional] INSERT INTO CMS_UserRole(UserID,RoleID) VALUES(@UserID,@RoleID)

Create user with UserPrivilegeLevel 3, then no need to insert into remaining tables. User can login into the CMSDesk as administrator and user can set remaining properties.

Note: Kentico does not recommend working directly on Database tables.

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42 Rio answered on February 21, 2019 16:28

Thank you for your answer. I am aware that this approach is not the best, but we are forced to go that way because of our client demands.

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