how to collapse google marker to single one

sarathlal s asked on June 16, 2014 06:59

Hi i have so many offices in same locations in google map. How can i collapse it into a single marker and it must show the total number of offices in that marker. I am following kentico portal engine type.

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Filip Ligač answered on October 5, 2014 13:18

Hi Sarathlal,

I am afraid this is not supported for "Google maps" web part out of the box and would require customizations of its code and implementation of your own logic. You can find the code files of the web part in a ~/CMSWebParts/Maps/Documents/GoogleMaps.ascx and .cs files.

Please see Kentico documentation - Customizing web parts section for more information about how you can modify standard web parts according to your needs.

A complete list of all methods available in Kentico can be found in API Reference.

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