how to change the css for custom form for textbox,button in forms->layout ->ASCX

jim lobo asked on July 18, 2014 18:18

i want to create the custom form where iam using it in Online form to retrieve customer details using customer name and emailid and submit button . i want to change the color of textbox and button . so how can i do this ? using css but dont know how to add css to this ? and where to put the CSS ? confused below is the code

<cms:FormLabel runat="server" ID="lCustomer_Id" Field="Customer_Id" /> <cms:FormControl runat="server" ID="iCustomer_Name" Field="Customer_Name" FormControlName="textboxcontrol" CssClass="Enbu-Text-box" /> <cms:FormControl runat="server" ID="iCustomer_EmailId" Field="Customer_EmailId" FormControlName="textboxcontrol" CssClass="Enbu-Text-box" /> <cms:FormErrorLabel runat="server" ID="eCustomer_Name" Field="Customer_Name" /> <cms:FormErrorLabel runat="server" ID="eCustomer_EmailId" Field="Customer_EmailId" /> <cms:FormSubmit runat="server" ID="fSubmit" />

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 18, 2014 19:37

What you could do is let Kentico render the form as it normally does and simply use the classes Kentico assigns and style accordingly in your stylesheet. View the source of a form once and see what I'm talking about.

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jim lobo answered on July 21, 2014 10:57

Thanks Brenden . I am new to Kentico . How to view the source of a form and its styles assigned by Kentico? . if i am not wrong i can view the CSS for particular site by -Pages-> XXX site-> properties->General->Design CSS stylesheets- >Edit -> CSS style sheet properties ..>

for form button CSS class name is :FormButton btn btn-primary an dfor Text Boxes CSS class anme : form-control ( this is when i used IE 11 for f12 for Developers tool ) Is this is how to change the CSS for Form if i create Text box an button submit which shows automatically on the Form. It would be great if you shed some light on this to understand more or any link or examples to understand

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