How to assign a Field to a web part (Page type to template)

Colin Lynas asked on October 16, 2015 00:28

I have a question for all you developer out there.

I have run into a little snag when creating new page templates.

My goal is to have a “page type” automatically set a specific “page template”. This is fine, I can do this. My second step is to include “long text” fields on the “Page type” that map directly to editable text on the page when it is created. This allows editors to create content at the same time the make the page.

The problem is I cannot work out how to map these “long text” fields to “editable text” area. I thought transformations might be able to do this but it seems the web part “editable text” does not allow for content mapping.

My question: Is it possible to map “Page template” “long text” fields directly to editable text areas in the corresponding template?

Kind regards, Colin

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 16, 2015 04:32

No point in using the Editable text webpart if you won't allow the users to edit the actual page view. I'd use a static text or static html webpart. Then in the settings of the webpart is where you set the value to a macro using {%YourColumnName%} from your page type.

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