How to assign a custom dataset to UniSelector ObjectType.

Mani SJ asked on June 22, 2020 10:53

I have a custom dataset(results of a api converted to dataset). I was able to display them as datasource for Unigrid but now I want to implement Uniselector to display it and select a single value. I am not sure how to deal with objecttype of Uniselector.

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Sultan Ahmed answered on June 23, 2020 07:32 (last edited on June 23, 2020 07:33)

Is that something external API or Kentico API? If you wanted to select single value, are you looking something kind of drop-down list? Please check kentico documentation here for customization.

If you need pages of certain types you should be able to use or cms.tree with where class of your page type class name - it should contain data columns.

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