How to add menu list in CSS List menu webpart

Ramesh Varma asked on April 20, 2015 14:45

I am using Kentico 8.2v portal engine development. In Design tab i added menu zone and in that i added CSS List menu web part. In CSS List Menu how can i add menu items to my Menu.

which will be best process for adding menu items do i need to go with portal or through Visual Studio development

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Rui Wang answered on April 20, 2015 15:27

Hi Ramesh, maybe the Kentico menu concept is different from what you are use to. In Kentico, you do not add items to the menu. Instead, you use the "Path" to determine the starting point of your menu and menu webpart will pull the Pages under that path to generate the menu.

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Charles Matvchuk answered on April 20, 2015 15:53 (last edited on April 20, 2015 15:55)

Please read up more on the portal development and the web parts in the online documentation to understand on how it works. Once you understand the concept, it is very powerful and dynamic.

The CSS List Menu picks up its items with the path and page type.

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